Monday, October 12, 2009

Today is Columbus Day!!!

Not indigenous anyone day!! It is the day we CELEBRATE Christopher Columbus's arrival on the shores of what became the United States.
If there need be a day to celebrate another group of people, it can be on a different day. I am so sick and tired of the PC crowd trying to "correct" everything and appease whomever they think may have been slighted.
I am here to tell you, I am slighted by them!!! LEAVE COLUMBUS DAY ALONE!!!!

Look, it even looks like this evil man may be praying........could it be? Maybe he was thanking the Great God of the universe for directing his ships to this shore. The horror of it all!!

Once again, all you PC'rs, leave my holidays alone.


  1. Ma'am, Columbus never landed on the United States. And by way of comparison Charles Darwin is blamed DIRECTLY for Adolf Hitler and Nazism despite being a compassionate thoughtful man, Columbus actually did take slaves and kill the natives.

  2. You are right Grung............he did not actually land here in the US. Thanks for correcting me on that one.


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