Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am so tired

of the continual deciet, the lying, the finger pointing, the grandstanding, the "but Bush." I think sometimes that is what they want, to wear us down. To get our minds so boggled with all of the issues that it is impossible to sort them out or keep them straight. To get us into a state of mind that they can push through anything they want. We will not be able to tell what it is or when it happened. They count on us being sheeple and just following to the slaughter, or the demise of our great nation.
I am wondering at the arrogance of McCain who says he wants to change the Republican party. I do too McCain, but you had a chance and you did not prove to us that you were the one to make the change. You are a rino and your time is over. Thank you for your service, thank you for standing strong under adversity while you were a prisoner. You showed strength that we all need at times. Unfortunately, you are not willing to show that strength now, therefore, we are looking for a new leader. It is time for you to stand down.
It is time for us to stand up!! It is time to make a difference. It is not time to allow ourselves to be worn down by rhetoric and false promises. It is time to pay attention and not allow ourselves to become so tired that we do not see what is happening. It is time for us to be aware of the boiling water. Sometimes it is so gradual that once it is boiling we have become immune to the heat. Has that happened to us? Are we immune, was the heat so gradual that we do not even realize it is now boiling?
Recently I discovered through a different blog the Conservative Underground. I think it may be worth your time to go over there if you have not. We may be able to make a difference if we were all working within the same umbrella instead of many smaller weaker ones. It is time for us to unite under a strong front, it is time to take a stand for Liberty.
When I look at what is happening within the prophecy of the Bible, I wonder if I am suppose to fight or just let it happen. My honest feeling is that the God of the Universe does not want us to give up and just let it happen. All through the history of the Bible, bad things were allowed to happen when good men did nothing. However, when good men turned from their worldly ways and returned to the way of the Lord, HE healed nation after nation. It can happen again. We are not suppose to just allow what is taking place today to happen, we are suppose to turn to God, in mass and he will direct our path.
This may be rambling, but I have so much on my heart I need to just get it out. Thanks for bearing with me.

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