Monday, October 12, 2009


One of our blogging friends left us yesterday. We did not know he was ill, but today he is in the arms of the Lord. A great voice for our Republic was silenced. A might warrior stilled. I was just getting to know him and his wife and was always impressed with their insight to today's problems.When God chooses to take someone home, we are always left wondering why? I am reminded, it is not ours to know why, it is by Faith that we are to travel the road set before us.If you have the time, please go over and leave his wife a comment of love and support. She will be needing all of our prayers and support in the ensuing days.Thanks to all and goodbye Mr Z, God keep you til we meet again.

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  1. Will you please email me again? I had a computer "melt down", and I know that you changed your address. I've got another goodie for you to read!



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