Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why haven't I been blogging?

My blogging mojo is kind of dry. So.........I have turned my attention to my Charity.   For the past two years, I have been knitting and selling my knits to help raise money for my friend Mwenebolongo to build his church in Dar es Salaam.  Mwene went home to be with the Lord in January, rather unexpectedly.  With the loss of him and then my mother, I have spent some time floundering and knitting.  Knitting brings me peace.  I do not have to think, I can just sit and very quietly knit. While I knit, I questioned God as to what I was suppose to do with the money I have earned for the project and should I continue.  He very gently reminded me that when he gave me this project, he knew that Mwene would not live to see it to fruition, so I continue to knit.
I was going to post pictures of a just finished project, but Google tells me I am out of space and must purchase more space before I can upload any pictures.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  I was totally surprised.
If you are at all interested in what I am doing, you can go here and see what I have done this year. I am trying to knit up a stock of things because I am going to Bethel Alaska this summer and I seem to have a pretty good following up there.  I have sent things up to my daughter and she sells almost all that I send.
So......anyone need a baby gift, just let me know, I will be more than happy to accommodate you:)