Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I found this on Face Book.

Funny this little tidbit was left out of all the reports about BHO and family attending church on Sunday. Like I said to Kent over on Right from Left, so did I, except for a different reason. Just did not realize it was such a huge difference in reasons.

Before last Sunday, US President Barack Obama and his family had only been to church a handful of times since he became commander-in-chief. And two of those visits were for Inauguration Day and Easter.

The Obama family’s sixth time at church in Washington, DC may also have been for a special occasion - to hear a pro-Palestinian activist teach about how Israel needs to surrender its biblical heartland for a phony “peace.”

The president, his wife Michelle and their two daughters attended St. John’s Church, an Episcopal church just across the street from the White House, for the morning service on September 19. Low and behold, that is the same morning that guest speaker Ziad Asali of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) had the podium.

Asali and the ATFP pretend to want a lasting two-state solution to the conflict, but also advocate the demographic destruction of the Jewish state by supporting the demand that Israel open its gates to millions of so-called “Palestinian refugees.”

The ATFP blames Israel for the current situation, and wants it to apologize for its rebirth as a nation-state, while Asali draws moral equivalency between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli counter-terrorism operations.

Asali and the ATFP are likewise linked to a number of unsavory pro-Palestinian figures who were once on Obama’s guest list.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US mainstream media ignored the fact that a Muslim with a thinly-veiled anti-Israel message was preaching on the day that the Obama family attended church for only the third time in the past year.

UPDATE: Apparently, St. John's Church has a short one-hour morning service starting at 9 AM, followed by an "Adult Forum" at 10 AM. Asali spoke at the Adult Forum. According to the pool report, the First Family attended the 9 AM service, and then left the church at 10:03.

Nevertheless, it still seems odd that having attended church so few times since moving to Washington, Obama decided to go on the morning that a pro-Palestinian Muslim activist is speaking. Presidents and their staffs don't schedule things on a whim, and they don't show up at the same place as someone like Asali by mere coincidence.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have been giving much thought

To the election in Delaware. I am confused beyond all measure. I always thought that when we voted in an election, the person we elected would be backed by the party. The person he/she defeats will back the person who the people choose. Isn't that the way it works?
If so, what is going on??? Why is Mike Castle refusing to endorse her? Why are all of the Pundits declaring she will never win? Why are they willing to keep a RINO in office when the people have spoken and said no?
Truly, I am not 'getting' it. Carl Rove should have kept his feelings to himself, instead he should be rolling up his sleeves and asking, "What can I do to help? How can I make the machine work for you?"
Charles Krauthammer should be using his platform to boost and encourage the voters in Delaware.
With this reaction coming from the so called leaders of the party, Christine O'Donnell will continue to fall in the polls. People will be afraid to vote for her because the 'names' are not endorsing her. Is is any small wonder that the media is chortling over the Civil War in the Republican ranks? Reminds me of the saying I hear often from Ann Coulter that the Republicans have the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Is that what we are working on here?
She won a landslide victory (53%) and today I hear she is 11 points beneath Marxist Chris Coons.
We know how Chris will vote, we also know how Christine will vote, so just what is the problem?
As a side note, I was watching Hannity last night. Do not remember who the brunette bimbo was, but she was the liberal on the panel. The only thing she could come up with over and over in her argument against Christine was that she thought the big M'ing was sinful. My gosh, you would have thought Christine had sprouted a second head. News flash!! She also thinks abortion, adultery and extramarital sex are sinful.
She has also apparently defaulted on a home loan and not paid a school loan or her taxes. The reports say she paid her taxes after she decided to run. Hmmmm,,,,,,has Timothy Geitner paid his back taxes yet? It seems too that just last week the news released a report on quite a large numbe of "O's" employees who have defaulted on their taxes. Is this another example of double standards?
Thinking one more example of the people speaking is the amount of money that flooded Christine's coffers following her victory.
Take note RINO's none of you are safe!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am sure it is only just beginning

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It wasn’t too long ago that ACORN, the liberal activist organization, was exposed for fraudulently registering the entire Dallas Cowboys football team in Nevada in time for the 2008 election. As Democrats desperately try to hold onto seats in the House and Senate, and governorships in 37 states, liberal organizations are stepping up their voter fraud campaign. Their new target is the fourth largest city in the country, and the economic heart of the Lone Star State — Houston.

On Tuesday, Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez, who is in charge of voting registration in Houston’s encompassing county, accused Houston Votes and the Texans Together Education Fund of an organized voter fraud campaign. Houston Votes submitted more than 25,000 applications in recent months wrought with disturbing irregularities, including addresses that didn’t exist, non-citizens seeking to register, and cases where up to six applications were submitted for the same person.

Vasquez said that the integrity of the voter rolls in the Houston area, “appears to be under an organized and systematic attack,” by Houston Votes, the voter registration arm of Texans Together, whose board of directors is stocked full of Democrats.

The board includes Cris Feldman, one of the lawyers who brought a civil suit against Tom Delay’s TRMPAC; James Aldrete, a veteran Democrat operative who consulted for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign; and Andres Pereira, a mass torts trial attorney in Houston who has given thousands of dollars to Democrats, and was a 2008 candidate for a judicial position in Houston.

Although Texans Together claims to be non-partisan, their liberal ties run deep, and the organization’s efforts to register more than 600,000 new voters in the Houston area by November now comes under great scrutiny, after so many irregularities were found in this recent batch of applications.

Much of the research that uncovered these gross irregularities in the voter rolls was done by a citizen’s watchdog group called True the Vote. They began their investigation by looking at households where six or more voters resided. That’s how they stumbled upon what is perhaps the most troubling discovery — an instance where as many as six people where registered at an address that is nothing more than a vacant lot.

Texans Together, like other liberal voter registration organizations caught participating in voter fraud, claims that it had no knowledge of the invalid applications, and the group’s President Fred Lewis was quick to say efforts to review and clean up these rolls are simply Republicans trying to suppress voter registration. Lewis also said he would appeal to Obama’s Justice Department in Washington. “We need to have the Justice Department come in and see what Mickey Mouse stuff he and his office are doing to suppress people.”

Fraudulent voters may play a key role in November’s elections. Besides Democrat congressional seats in Texas, the state is also holding contests for state-wide offices, and battling for control of a closely divided State House. Chief among these elections is the battle for Texas Governor, between Republican Governor Rick Perry and the Democrat Bill White. White, a former Houston mayor, comes from the very county where this massive voter fraud is taking place, and could gain the most from these suspect voters.

As Democrats reach new levels of desperation, efforts to defraud genuine American citizens of their right to fair and free elections seem to be in their cross-hairs. Winning elections at all costs requires that groups like ACORN and Texans Together prey on that shortcomings of Voter ID laws in hopes of fraudulently swinging elections in their favor.

In a country where you have to provide a valid ID to drive, fly or even enjoy a beer, it’s astounding that in most states you are not required to do the same to vote. Evidence like this shows that this failure of the system will continue to be exploited in the interests of those who stand to benefit.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is very interesting. Be sure to click on the links below.


Subject: It was payback time for Kagan ------ And .....Snopes cannot be
From a friend:
I went to Snopes to check this out and they said it was false and
there were no such dockets so I googled the supreme court, typed in Obama Kagan, and guess what? Yep, you got it. Snopes lied. Every one of those dockets are there.
So, here is what I wrote Snopes:
WND article about Elena Kagan and Barak Obama dockets. The information you have posted stating that there were no such cases as claimed
by WND and the examples you gave are blatantly false. I went directly to the Supreme Court website, typed in Obama Kagan and immediately came up with all of the dockets that WND made reference to. I have long suspected that you really slant things but this was really shocking.
Thank You, I hope you will be much more truthful in the future.

Bet you didn't know this....
Kagan was representing Obama in all the petitions to prove his citizenship. Now she may help rule on them.
Folks, this is really ugly.
Chicago Politics, and the beat goes on and on and on...
Once again the Senate sold us out.
Well, someone figured out why Obama nominated Elana Kagan for the Supreme Court.... Pull up the Supreme Courts website, go to the
docket and search for Obama. She was the Solicitor General for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship. He owed her big time. All of the requests were denied of course. They were never heard. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn't it? The American people mean nothing any longer.. It's all about payback time for those that compromised themselves to elect someone that really has no true right to even be there. We should be getting so sick of all of this nonsense.

Here are some websites of the Supreme Court Docket:
You can look up some of these hearings and guess what?? Elena Kagan is the attorney representing Obama!!! Check out these examples:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A short spelling lesson :

The last four letters in American..........I Can
The last four letters in Republican.......I Can
The last four letters in Democrats.........Rats

End of lesson. Test to follow in November.

Remember, November is to be set aside as rodent extermination month.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

If you know me personally

Then you know I am a very feeling oriented person. I am happiest if I know I have pleased you. If what I have done does not please you, I am in a blue funk for days. In light of that, I have been struggling with what some people felt towards the Rally and the fact that I had attended it. That was until I picked up a book given to my husband one day two weeks ago. The author of this book is Robert Hobson,, and he himself gave it to my husband when he visited his office. Stan read it and told me it was an amazing book. I picked it up this morning and have only read three chapters. I have found my answer to my taking part in the Rally though. In my heart, I knew I had done nothing wrong, but you know how those "feelings" can work on you. I want to share the first chapter with you. It is a bit long, but I hope you will bear with me and read it.

The plane dipped its wing and there it was, the village of Hoskins, New West Britain, Papua New Guinea. I could not believe that I was on the mission field where my friends Ken and Stephanie are missionaries along with their two youngest children. The three oldest were attending school in Goroka.
After lunch we were enjoying a bit of nostalgia regarding Stephanie's parents, when in the midst of our laughter, Joel came into the living room. With a rag doll under one arm and a plastic horse under the other, he declared defiantly, "These are mine!" Okay, who cares? I thought. We laughed, ignored him and went on with our conversation.
However, I could not help noticing the look on his face. Such a fiercely determined, willful look of arrogance for such a little boy. There was no doubt to whom the rag doll and plastic horse belonged. The impact of that statement still lingers in my mind. Who cares to whom they belong? to Joel they were valuable, and he certainly did not want any misunderstanding as to whom was the rightful owner.
A rag doll and plastic horse. Their value? Not much. Yet the defiantly, Joel proudly declared ownership. There was no life in either of the two; that didn't matter. At that moment his whole life was wrapped in those two items.
Sound familiar?
We as Christians have our pet doctrines, evangelical cliches, theologies, denominations, evangelical phrases, hymns and choruses. Should anyone doubt their value, all one needs to do is challenge us and we will all hear along with Joel:
"These are mine! How dare you challenge the value of my personal 'evangelical' rag doll and plastic horse?"
What is the value of a rag doll and a plastic horse? There is no life in either. The rag doll could not speak or react. The plastic horse is unable to respond and certainly he couldn't ride it. But never mind.........."These are mine!" There is no truth in a rag doll and plastic horse, but nevertheless, "These are mine!"
Truth and value are unimportant to a three year old boy. What was important to him was ownership of two insignificant, lifeless objects. Ownership, not relationship. For a functional relationship to exist, there must be life from both sides. Otherwise it is not relationship, it is ownership of the worst kind.
The Lord Jesus did not die on the cross in order to provide for us a non-life or non-living relationship. He did not redeem us so that we in turn could pump out some nondescript meaningless relationship to Him and to others; to program ourselves and others into a man-made system of so-called "religious" spirituality.
The fact is that the Christian life can be simply summed up as a conglomeration of all of the above. We each have our own private "rag doll" and "plastic horse" that we value and trumpet as the "truth." We clutch the denominational rag doll to its death and ride that plastic horse as though it had life. We prop it up, program it, pump new blood into it, expecting it to come to life. There it stands, completely absolutely lifeless; but so very precious to us. All in the name of a rag doll and plastic horse that we call the Christian life.
These are mine!is nothing quite as important as a rag doll and a plastic horse, if you are three years old!

Thank you Robert G. Hobson for showing me someone else's rag doll and plastic horse in not necessarily mine. Now I must go read the 14 remaining chapters of Rag Dolls and Plastic Horses.