Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I found this on Face Book.

Funny this little tidbit was left out of all the reports about BHO and family attending church on Sunday. Like I said to Kent over on Right from Left, so did I, except for a different reason. Just did not realize it was such a huge difference in reasons.

Before last Sunday, US President Barack Obama and his family had only been to church a handful of times since he became commander-in-chief. And two of those visits were for Inauguration Day and Easter.

The Obama family’s sixth time at church in Washington, DC may also have been for a special occasion - to hear a pro-Palestinian activist teach about how Israel needs to surrender its biblical heartland for a phony “peace.”

The president, his wife Michelle and their two daughters attended St. John’s Church, an Episcopal church just across the street from the White House, for the morning service on September 19. Low and behold, that is the same morning that guest speaker Ziad Asali of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) had the podium.

Asali and the ATFP pretend to want a lasting two-state solution to the conflict, but also advocate the demographic destruction of the Jewish state by supporting the demand that Israel open its gates to millions of so-called “Palestinian refugees.”

The ATFP blames Israel for the current situation, and wants it to apologize for its rebirth as a nation-state, while Asali draws moral equivalency between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli counter-terrorism operations.

Asali and the ATFP are likewise linked to a number of unsavory pro-Palestinian figures who were once on Obama’s guest list.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US mainstream media ignored the fact that a Muslim with a thinly-veiled anti-Israel message was preaching on the day that the Obama family attended church for only the third time in the past year.

UPDATE: Apparently, St. John's Church has a short one-hour morning service starting at 9 AM, followed by an "Adult Forum" at 10 AM. Asali spoke at the Adult Forum. According to the pool report, the First Family attended the 9 AM service, and then left the church at 10:03.

Nevertheless, it still seems odd that having attended church so few times since moving to Washington, Obama decided to go on the morning that a pro-Palestinian Muslim activist is speaking. Presidents and their staffs don't schedule things on a whim, and they don't show up at the same place as someone like Asali by mere coincidence.


  1. I posted about this too. I was very curious about the MSM's insistance on the fact that the Obamas only attended church for one one - from 9 am to 10 am - thus avoiding the moslem speaker. I wonder how true this is.

  2. Obviously I meant that the Obamas attended church for one hour... I type faster than I think :-)

  3. Doesn't surprise me, TEC has been slip sliding into Gomorrah for decades & finally went full tilt when they appointed an active homosexual to a bishopric!
    It is no longer a Christian church, anyone can get time in their pulpits!


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