Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Hey Hey Mr. "O"

Did you hear the news? We lost more of our sons today. Yep, while you are trying to decide what to do, they are annihilating our young men. You know the ones who are willing to put everything, even their families on the line so Melia and Sasha are safe and comfy up there on Pennsylvania Avenue.
In case you have not gotten the news, this has been the deadliest month since 2001 when the war began. I believe this months total is now at 55 with a few more days left for more damage.
As long as you are apologizing to everyone, we all know Al Qaeda will continue to strike and kill and why not, you do not have the BALLS to put a stop to it.
Oh, and by the way..........how was your golf game?


  1. I don't think he cares. It is so sickeningly sad!

  2. Thank you Darling for this post.. It was righ on the money.


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