Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If you think

Obama care isn't already having an impact, take a close look at this picture.

Her name is Geri and she is my grandson Darius's other grandma. Geri has cancer and has been fighting it for a couple of years. This picture was taken just a couple of weeks ago. I think on her 70th birthday. She really wanted to make it to 70 years.

Today, Geri is in a coma on morphine and under hospice care at her sisters house. This brings me to my rant. My daughter in law called me last night so hurt because her mother is not getting any nourishment. Nothing. Now granted she cannot eat of her own accord, but she could be receiving intravenous feedings. She is also not getting any fluid. Darla held a sponge up to her mouth yesterday and she latched onto it and sucked it dry. When she asked why, they told her that feeding her would only "Prolong the inevitable."

I wonder, was Ted Kennedy starved in his last days? Would the big "O" allow Michelle my Bell or his daughters to starve to death since it is inevitable anyway?

For me, I am announcing publicly, NO HOSPICE. If I am going to die, I want to do it at home with only my family present, no outside influence who is spewing the rhetoric of some government beurocrat.

The family has been told to expect the end either today or tomorrow.

Rest Easy Geri, you are loved and will be missed by many. Family and friends alike. I count it an honor to have known you and thank you for the beautiful daughter you raised. I will love her unconditionally and our grandson will always know what a beautiful woman you are.


  1. That is sick and wrong. How about we put every one who thinks we should not prolong the enevitable into a sealed room with no food or water? How long do you think they would feel that way?

  2. Evy-this makes me so sad. We don't have the laws you in Washington, so my parents both received such loving, wonderful hospice care. My Dad was lucid until his last 9 hours, but the end for my Mom was days. She had an IV, and they continued to rinse her mouth even though she was unconscious. I agree that this is what we are all facing if Obamacare goes through. I will be praying for her and your family!

  3. We have to keep fighting these morons in office. We were listening to Fox tonight & my DH said" do they think we are morons"?? Yes they are so narcissistic & arrogant that they can't see beyond their own noses, they believe that a handful of them has more smarts than 300 million of we the people-it is enough to make my head explode!
    I sent you a great cartoon for your blog!

  4. oh Evy, that is awful. I am so sorry to hear she is suffering so much.

    Many many prayers for her and her family.

  5. HI MRS. G.,
    Bryn saddens me to see your gut-wrenching entry today...I have already added her to my prayer list.May GOD bless her and give her his peace.
    It's good to know about Candarbry being your daughter...I did not realize it.
    Yes I'll be back ...and often.I'm taking that Obama wiget...even though I am not an American...I have great respect for my "American cousins" and concern for what is happening to America.
    I'm going to visit some of your blog pals now.
    Thoroughly enjoying your site.

  6. Mother, Please do not use my nickname on "THAT WOMAN"! SCARY!!!!

  7. Food is not the issue. It's the hydration. People should be hydrated by IV to make them more comfortable. You can request the hydration and I think they have to do it. If not call the doctor and have him request it.

    We've had good encounters with Hospice but I fear that will change...

  8. This is so sad and it is outrageous! How can they! This is torture!

  9. There are no words which I can put together to correctly sum up what is brewing in my heart, the lump growing in my throat, outraged thoughts in mind.....utter sadness.

    I will keep you and Geri, and her family in my prayers.


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