Thursday, October 22, 2009

"It isn't

a tax increase, it's eliminating a tax decrease that was already there."
Uhmm, just how stupid to they think we are?


  1. Bend over, grab your ankles....

  2. I heard this the other day on the radio while eating lunch and almost choked on my food. What the heck kind of illogical statement is that? They don't know it yet but they are in my cross-hairs.....(the stupid non-thinking maniac ones).

    Ok, so I was raised in the liberal mecca called Oregon...truly a land of fruits and nuts (beautiful scenery, the best). I was born there and can't help that I thought like them for about the first half of my life.

    The point is, I was not a maniac lib, the skull material surrounding my enormous brain allowed fact and logic to seep in.

    Those are the folks, the ones like me who can eventually have logic prevail, who are NOT in my cross-hairs. People like Pelosi? Ugh, she isn 't worth my time to think up a true definition of her moral fiber or lack there of.

    They must really believe we are sheeples...this sheeple got sheared a long time ago!

  3. Help! She forgot to put her brain on when she got dressed.


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