Monday, March 29, 2010

A letter from a Priest from the Heartland of America

I received this from a friend from the Heartland of our Country. I am not willing to say who actually wrote it, because I really do not trust those in charge and I know that he can be fined for speaking the Truth from his pulpit.
I am however, very encouraged to see that there are Priests who are willing to speak Truth, no matter the consequence. I wish there were more religious leaders who would.
As a person who was raised in the Catholic Church, I still have much respect for the faith, even if I do not hold to all of the Tenants of the Faith.
One thing I would love to see is the Church refusing to serve the Sacraments to any Catholic who supports this bill. It is possible entirely on the strength of the Pro Abortion clause in the Bill. I truly believe God will hold every one of them accountable at their judgement.

In President Obama’s first State of the Union address, only
mere months ago, he pledged to focus “like a laser beam” on jobs
and stressed that it would be priority number one. After last
Sunday’s contested, contentious and downright partisan vote
on health care, one that took out right manipulation, kick
backs, and arm-twisting to achieve, it is clear that perversion
and power lust are paramount to all else. It is the biggest abuse
of power and demonstration of arrogance ever shown by
Washington, and it surely is the most gigantic and life-altering
legislative move of my generation. In short, its impact can’t be
Recently as last Saturday, the U.S. Conference of Catholic
Bishops issued a letter: “With deep regret, but clear in our
moral judgment, we are compelled to continue to urge House
members to oppose the Senate bill unless these fundamental
flaws are remedied.” The “fundamental flaws” that the bishops
identified were not remedied because pro-Life Democrats
bowed to pressure and pro-choicers were far more numerous
and powerful inside the Democratic Party. Rep. Jan Schakowsky
(D-Ill.) said on Saturday that 50 Democrats would walk away
from the deal if the Democratic leadership made any concessions
to Rep. Stupak on abortion. The Democrats clearly demonstrated
that they are not the party of Life. Even more disappointing
were our religious nuns who came out in support of the bill. In
fact, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which
says it represents more than 90% of the 59,000 American
Catholic nuns’ supported the bill.
But on Sunday, Rep. Stupak, a self-proclaimed pro-life Democrat,
made “a deal with the devil” and sold out all pro-life supporters.
The deal: he would back the bill if Obama would issue an
Executive Order codifying the funding prohibition. But many
close observers don’t believe that Stupak’s deal with Obama
protects the sanctity of life. That’s the opinion of most Right to
Life leaders, including William Saunders, Senior Vice President
of Legal Affairs for American United for Life Action, who
dismissed the efficacy of Obama’s Executive Order in Sunday’s
edition of The Washington Examiner; Saunders noted that it
could be overturned by the courts at any time, or simply
rescinded by the President. Saunders concluded: “Congress
failed to deliver a statutory prohibition or abortion funding in
health care reform, and an executive order cannot do the job.”
An executive order does not have the force of law that legislation
would provide. “That is not the rule of law. That’s the rule of
man. One man can sign an executive order and one man can
repeal that again, the President of the United States,” said Rep.
Paul Ryan, R-Wis. Rep. Joe Pitts, R-Pa., added that pro-life
Democrats should be alarmed by a promise coming from a
politician (Obama) with a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-
Choice America.
One cannot cut $500 billion from Medicare, insure 30 million
additional people, not increase the number of health care
providers and still reduce the deficit. As a person who worked
as a health care executive and as a RN, that claim is utterly
ridiculous! What can we do? Pray, trust and hope in the Lord,
and never ever forget who did this to us.
Many thanks to my dear sweet friend whom I will leave nameless. She knows who she is and I can assure you she is a mighty Prayer Warrior for our Nation.

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  1. Great letter!
    Being new on Medicare I have run into a brick wall in trying to find a doctor who is accepting new Medicare patients! If Medicare is to get cut by $500 billion, I might as well forget ever finding a doctor!

    So,I've decided the bottom line for me is to learn how to eat super healthy, get plenty of rest, exercise every day, and reduce stress in order to stay as healthy as possible so I WON'T NEED a doctor!


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