Thursday, March 11, 2010


When you receive your census form, remember all they are entitled to is how many people live in your home. All else is invasive information gathering. The purpose of the census it to count the people living in the country.
IF you are inclined to answer any other questions, drop down to the section that asks your race.
You can either check the "other" box or write in HUMAN or AMERICAN.
They are not entitled to any other answers. They may try to intimidate you if you get someone knocking on your door, but stand firm. Give them only what they are entitled to.


  1. I've already informed my wife that all she's to put on the census forms are the number of people in the house. NOTHING ELSE. noticed that michelle bachman has said that's all she's giving also.

  2. So glad I read this post. I got a letter saying my census questionnaire is coming in the mail within the next two weeks. Will make sure I give them only the essentials.

  3. Evy...You are so right about this! I just posted a link to a story about how much that pre-census letter cost us! You should check it out!


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