Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A letter from Dan Burton who is working

Tirelessly to help exonerate the Navy Seals.
There is a link in the letter to go to to sign a petition in their behalf.

I just wanted to send you a quick update on the status of our brave Navy SEALs. Recently we learned from Petty Officer McCabe's attorney that the defendants still have not been shown any evidence against them. The only explanation for this highly unusual circumstance offered to McCabe's lawyer was that the "evidence was undergoing a security review before being released."

Before the SEALs' trial begins in January, I plan to pursue more answers and push hard for their exoneration.

My recent appearances on Fox News and coverage in countless newspapers and blogs has expanded the reach of our cause and alerted thousands of fellow Americans about the treatment of these Navy SEALs.

As of today, over 29,000 people have signed the petition at www.savethenavyseals.com.
We're searching for as much support as possible before delivering the petition, so please pass this email along to your friends and family so they can support the SEALs as well.
Thanks again for your commitment and I will keep you posted on any updates I receive.
I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Dan Burton

Remember, Glenn Beck is holding a Tea Party on August 29th at the Lincoln Memorial. See you there.


  1. What a farce! I knew things like this would start happening with Obama at the helm!

    I signed the petition!

  2. God bless them all. They need our support.

  3. Of course anything to discredit our valiant military, a pox on their accusers & all who support the evil!
    Let 2010 elections roll on while the dems continue to expose themselves as varlats & fools.
    Merry Christmas Evy dear!

  4. Oh, THANK YOU to Dan Burton for staying on this and you for reminding us....one of the most important cases this year and those guys need help and must be exonerated.


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