Friday, November 20, 2009

Just in case

You do not read Debonair Dude, , I wanted to be sure you did not miss this one:) You can go to his blog to read his whole commentary today. His insight is amazing. One of my most favorite bloggers. Don't miss him.


  1. I clicked on the blog link but got "This page cannot be found."

  2. Here is that picture of O bowing I told you about this afternoon. WARNING- NOT P.G. Not even!

  3. What is so ironic is the history of other Americans that have been fighting against the Communist ideology within our own government for a long time, yet we continue to allow Communist, now called Liberals, to destroy the huge segments of our economic progress. they control local urban governments and look at the complete economic disaster urban areas living conditions represent. Consider their control over education, and its impact on K through 12 student performance. Look at the disaster that the US Congress is about to foist on us. They have been running a poncy scheme called Social Security for years and it is insolvent. They control medicare and it is insolvent, They control our budget and we are now insolvent. When are you guys going to finally say enough is enough and outlaw these criminals from our country. don’t you understand they are our enemies. They are not Americans. Why because they do not believe in the principles nor the laws of our Constitution which restrict them imposing centralized control. What do you think government healthcare is? It is totalitarianism. It is like bank robbers are trying to gain control not only the money but how and when you can spend your own money. Socialism is tyranny. Barack Obama and his “czars” are fascist totalitarianism pretending to be Liberals. They are not. They are just stupid Communist. As for Jones, I say good riddance. If I had my way the entire Democrat Party would be arrested tomorrow. They don’t fool me. I would ship the lot of them to Cuba where they belong.


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