Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know this has been

Floating around the Net for a while, but I think we need to see it once in a while just to remind us of the imbalance of our world today. Also note, on the menu to the left, Mushroom Risotto......I pay for everything I eat (except when I get free meals from my D-I-L at the restaurant she works at) and I have never had Mushroom Risotto.


  1. This ranks right up there with the homes of people who just can't seem to find the money to make NEEDED repairs on their domicile but can afford DISH network.....

    Nothing like driving by so called impoverished neighborhoods...where they HAVE NO MONEY,but they can have satellite television by God!

    See, I just can't have ANY respect for that sort of bologna!

  2. Guess what? They - the City of New York has rented luxury condos in our neighborhood, just a couple of blocks away from where I live.
    They have put up to two people in each two bedroom condo. At the cost of $90.00 per day.
    All they have to do to keep this living arrangement is to stay unemployed.
    Sounds reasonable.
    And do not worry about the cost of the blackberry, it is probably stolen anyway.


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