Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I just Created

a group on Face Book, called If Joe Lieberman filibusters Health Care, I will support him.

If you agree, I would love to have you join up!!

One day while I was browsing through Face Book, I saw a group called if Joe Leiberman filibusters Health Care, I will support his opponent. It made me so angry I thought I should start a group in opposition, thus I started the above group. I really would love for you to join if you are on FB.
I am positive there are far more of us who are sane than insane. We just have to be a bit more vocal about it.
If, by chance you have joined, tell all of your FB friends about it and invite them to join. You can send invitations through the Joe Lieberman link. I want to send a list of names to him that is so long it will give him pause to know who we are. Please take a minute to go over to FB if you have an account and sign up.


  1. Signed up. You can put a link here that will take your readers to it. Just open a second window with facebook and that page. Then edit post and click the little icon for creating a link. Make sure you delete the first set of http/: or it won't link properly. The real MICHELLE MY BELLE

  2. Not much for Twitter, I have an account but don't use it much.

    Stopped by to say Happy Thanksgiving


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