Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Seven Republicans who Voted to Censure Joe Wilson

Dana Rohrabacher, Ca.

Tom Petri, Wis.

Walter Jones, N.C.

Bob Inglis, S.C. Jeff Flake, Ariz.

JoAnn Emmerson, Mo.

Joseph Cao, La.

I am hoping this is what their constituents sent them to Washington for.

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  1. i'm tellin' you, 'mama, i can't visit this blog (and yet i do...). it gets me ryled up. i visited a few google hits tonite to see what was being said about the outburst - and on a democratic spot republicans were being called all sorts of nasty names. i just don't understand all the hatred out there. and yet, i'm - as a 'republican - called a hater? i don't call demoncrats names. i'm honestly trying to see the other side of the coin and would absolutely LOVE to have an honest-to-goodness open and intelligent discussion and i have not been able to find that possible. it is just sad, gramma. truly, truly sad.



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