Monday, September 7, 2009

If you NEVER read anything I post again,

You really must go read this:
It is an outline for the overthrow of our Republic as we know it, and how "O" is being used to impliment it.
I remember as a child my father belonging to the John Birch Society. I was warned of all of these things taking place long before they did. Unfortunately, the enemy was able at that time to discredit the John Birch Society and make them look like a bunch of fringe loonies.
I think, my friends, we have been sleeping at the wheel long enough. We are headed for a major head on collision. In fact we are seconds away from impact.
Do it now before it is to late and we wonder what happened.
And thanks to Right Truth for posting this. It is how we stay informed given the hostile take over of our media.

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  1. oh gramma. i need a great big gramma hug ... after going head-to-head with someone on - can you believe it - someone ELSE's facebook comments! it's 'open and intelligent' as long as you agree with mainstream liberal media. who cares if your kid can't play soccer cuz you have medial bills? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! it's called BEING AN ADULT AND PAYING THE BILLS! if we buy the house down the street, my kids will have to forfeit their own extracurricular activities for a period of time --- does that mean the government should pay my mortgage so my kids can play soccer?!

    i'm not NOT compassionate. i'm RESPONSIBLE for the children i gave birth to - all 7 open heart surgeries, tonsillectomies requiring blood transfusions, appendectomy, asthma, hearing impairments, and whatever else i'm gonna get in terms of their health over the course of the next 20 years. grow some maturity people. IT'S YOUR LIFE!

    and don't use facebook to call me a name.
    use the phone. if you even KNEW ME!!!


    too bad you don't drink, gramma. i'd say let's share one together.


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