Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am wondering how I ever got on their mailing list.

Dear Evy,

Last week, we asked you to help us raise $100,000 to fund our rapid response to the Republicans' never-ending scare tactics aimed at denying Americans real health insurance reform. You went above and beyond by raising a goal-shattering $147,000. On behalf of the DCCC, I can't thank you enough.With September shaping up to be the decisive month in this fight, we can't back down. Here is a special edition of @Stake, showing some of the ways that you can help us keep up the pressure on Republicans trying to kill health insurance reform using any and all means necessary.Fighting Fear with FactsThis week, the DCCC launched a new web video showing the twisted lengths that Republicans like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, RNC Chair Michael Steele, and conservative commentator Glenn Beck will go to try and kill health insurance reform.Check out our brand new video "Fighting Fear with Facts" and then forward it to five of your friends and family so we can expose their empty fear-mongering and show everyone the tactics they plan to keep using in the weeks ahead.
Mobile Alerts - Fact Check Their LiesFrom Sarah Palin's "death panels," to Michael Steele's shameless lies about cutting Medicare, to the RNC's outrageous claims that health care will be denied to Republican voters, to who knows what else is coming, we have to fight every single lie with the truth. Text TRUTH to 74471 to sign up for the DCCC's mobile alerts and receive your fact-check tool kit to expose the lies and help President Obama get the real truth out about health insurance reform.Heard Around Town - Latest Republican OutragesHere are some of the latest and most outrageous statements by the right-wing fringe in their fight to kill health insurance reform.Rep. Bachmann: "We have to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing."No recap of outrageous statements would be complete without a contribution by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Among other things, Bachmann reportedly told a right-wing fundraiser:
"What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass."
Claiming that Americans pay half their income to taxes, she said, "This is nothing more than slavery."
And perhaps the craziest of all, Bachmann said, "Right now, we are looking at reaching down the throat and ripping the guts out of freedom." Read more of Bachmann's out-of-control rant.Rep. Jenkins Tells Uninsured Mom to "Go Be a Grown Up"This week, Kansas Republican Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins seems to be engaged in a race to the bottom - with herself. Fresh off her remarks about how the Republican Party should embrace a 'great white hope' against the agenda of House Democrats and President Obama, Jenkins recently held a town hall meeting where she laughed at an uninsured single mother who was asking for a public insurance option and even told her to 'go be a grown up.' Check out the video. Looking AheadWith Congress returning to finish their work on health insurance reform, September will be the make-or-break month. The work we do in the weeks ahead will determine whether Americans get meaningful health insurance reform or whether the Republicans succeed in protecting the status quo. Thank you again for shattering our August goal and for all that you're doing to expose the lies, spread the truth, and demonstrate the grassroots momentum behind health insurance reform. Stay tuned for more late-breaking news and more ways that you can help President Obama and House Democrats win this fight for the American people.
Jon VogelExecutive Director, DCCC
Must be because I turned myself in a few weeks ago.


  1. I think you may have been "punk'd"! Maybe someone thought it was a funny joke to put you on the mailing list!

  2. I remember a certain boy who was on EVERY recruiter's list....

  3. I got some of their spam too & it made me REALLY mad. You know why you are having internet issues, it's because of this blog, Evy!
    It's a FACT that the malevolent hussein & his evil minions, tax dodgers criminals, would cut $400 billion from Medicare with this egregious bill.
    Now we have the bottom of the barrel Van Jones, an absolute communist by his own boasting as another stinking czar. Roll on Russia of 40 yrs. ago. Wait till they[leftists] have to stand in line for bread & butter like I saw in the communist countries in 70's!They will be crying in their soup then-if they have any.

  4. LOL, They really know their customer - not.
    With marketing like this do you wonder they are a mess!


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