Saturday, October 15, 2011

TEA PARTY Invades OCCUPY DC- (explicit)

I love the way these guys continue to smile and are courteous in the face of this ignorance and contempt.  To think that Nancy P and her ilk try to compare the scum here with the Tea Party these young men represent is such a reach. I am hoping they took body guards with them.  I am sure that if they did not have physical, in the flesh guards, they were surrounded by an army of angels.  Good work guys!!


  1. "F*ck the Commander in Chief"
    You can't f*ck the guy you want to give you a handout, Idiot.

  2. You know the old saying Evy,"better to keep your mouth closed than to open it & prove yourself a fool"! The Left are too ignorant to recognize this fact!
    This is a rabble, a mob, not a movement, it is somewhat reminiscent of Woodstock but without the bands & a lot less sanitary after several weeks in situ.............
    The Left are attempting to get traction for their destructive agenda but I doubt it will help them in the long run.


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