Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, Small Town style.

The presentation  of the Flag

Our WW2 Vets.  The gentleman 2nd from the left was the city Mayor the year Stan and I moved here.
He likes to come to Stan's office and sit and chat with Stan.  He will be 90 years old this year.

Arlington High School Band
I love this picture of these little guys trying so hard to keep their flags erect.  Good thing our Main Street is only about 6 blocks long.

Girl Scouts are active in Arlington also.

A car holding our dignitary.  I could not see inside very well and there was no sign on the car, but I am thinking Mayor Margaret Larson may have been riding inside.

Motorcycle Club.  All Combat Vets.

The festivities moved to our Cemetery.  Just had to take a picture of the backs of a couple of the Motor cycle club Vets.

The speaker is a retired Navy Seal.  He gave a great presentation of how the Seals work.  He told a very emotional story of one of the Seals who lost his life disarming a bomb.  The young man is number 38 on the Seal's Memorial Wall.  There are now 49 brave young people there.  He also made it a point to thank everyone who was involved in the killing of Osama.  With one exception.  He did not in any way at all reference the other "O".  Believe me, I listened.

The flag at 1/2 Staff

Retiring the Flags.

One of the roads into the cemetery lined with flags.  Each pole has a tag on it honoring a service person.

Arlington High School Band leaving the Cemetery

Another view of the flags in the Cemetery.  They lined every road inside the Cemetery.
There really was a much better attendance at the parade than it looks from my pictures.  Most of the viewers had congregated two blocks down where the parade culminated with a small ceremony in the town square.  I just did not make it down there in time to take pictures of that event.  Needless to say, our town is proud of and supports her veterans.


  1. Small town America "ROCKS"... Thanks for sharing what makes this country great...

    Please stop by TBAA today and help with this worthy cause...

  2. Beautiful! This makes me believe that real Americans will not abandon America in her hour of need - now.

  3. the pics are awesome hun..God bless you~!


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