Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dinner at PF Chang's

Gina and her new baby boy.  I cannot show his face because he is a foster child and we must protect his identity.
I can say he is a darling baby and the entire family is in love with him.

Olivia, Angie and Amanda

Kris is putting baby to sleep.  It turned into a long night for him.


Tricia and Shay.
Tricia was in town for some training this week.  We were able to meet in Bellevue and go to PF Chang's for dinner.  I had never been there.  Must say it was nice, food was good.
But the 18% gratuity kind of grated on me.  I really resent having the gratuity added to my bill.  I am a very generous tipper and had they not added the gratuity, they certainly would have received more than they did.
That rant over, I must say we had a good time.  Sadly, Chelle could not make it because she was having a meeting at her house that night.  Gina and I shared a dinner for two which included soup: Egg Drop, appetizer: Crab Wanton, 2 entrées: Mongolian Beef and Crunchy Honey Chicken and dessert: 6 layer chocolate cake.  One huge slice that we divided between all of us.
Tricia finished her training today and is planning to go play for a while.  Since Dave has to work this weekend, the boys are flying down on Thursday to spend the weekend with us and then will fly home with her on Sunday.
Dang, I thought I was posting this on my fluff blog.  It is so late and it takes so long to download pictures, I am just going to leave it.  Maybe I should have gone to bed hours ago and left this for tomorrow:)

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  1. love the pics! how cute is that little one hun! Have a blessed Sunday despite it all !


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