Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Blog.

A year ago, I began blogging. Just fluff and family fun. In the interim, our world began to go to hell in a handbasket. There were so many issues I could not avoid confronting, that I began making that the focus of my blog. I think there are people who are only interested in fluff, they will let the world explode around them and then pick up the pieces and ask what happened. I cannot do that, I must have a forum for what is happening. In that vein, I made the decision to begin my new blog, Gramma's Right Again. It is here that I will post all of my rants and on my other blog, I will dedicate it to the fluff of life.
I hope that some of my readers will be willing to follow me on both of my blogs, but if you choose to read only one or the other, I hope to see you at at least one of them.


  1. I will follow you anywhere! You know, us right-wing-nut-christian-conservative-clinging to my religion and my guns.....we must all stick together!!!

  2. oh gramma. this is one reason why i love you so much. i saw 'gramma's right' under your profile and thought, "huh?" now i comprehend.

    many blessings on this split venture of yours - all together what makes you you.


  3. Love that you are continuing to do this on politics. It helps my lame brain stay tuned in! I appreciate your blog(s) very much!!

  4. I think you've made a great decision! I'm a follower for sure!

  5. You know I will follow you on this and any other project!!! ;)


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