Monday, July 18, 2011

Sighted along the ALCAN

This was our first sighting, a sow with two cubs.  We turned back to get some pictures, but by then she had seen us and was calling her babies back and away from the road.  One cub is not visible, it is in the brush behind her.

This was our second sighting, not a close encounter this time either.  Black bears are very shy and beat a hasty retreat once they know they have been sighted.

We think this one may have been sick.  You can see the mange on its backside.  It was also swarmed with flies and mosquitoes.

Right next to the road.  After this one crossed a cub crossed behind her, but I was not quick enough to get a  shot.

This is also considered a Black.  I have a whole series of pictures of her I will share soon.  

All the times Stan and I have traveled the AlCan, we have never spotted a Grizzly.  I have a whole series of pictures of this one I will share soon also.

This was our final sighting.  In total we saw 13 blacks and the one grizzly.
We also saw, but did not get pictures of; 2 moose, one fox, and two porcupines which  were actually alive and not road kill.  Don't think I have ever seen a porcupine still standing before:)
Many more pictures to share as I have time.


  1. WOw, those are fantastic shots! Thanks for sharing them..who sees bears very often!? Odd they call brown bears black bears...that brown one is quite handsome, isn't he.

  2. I am thinking of u hun...I know the losses seem excruciating at times....I am here....stay strong plz..hugzzzzzzzzzzzz:)

  3. Knowing there are so many people who care and pray for us right now is such a blessing. With the state of affairs in our world right now, I cannot help (sometimes) but think Krissy is the lucky one here.

  4. Hi sweetie. The Good Lord has His reasons hun and we must keep up our own individual fights..and that means u too girl~! HUGS!

  5. You had some close calls..... Hang in there. We appreciate you when you do write.


  6. I think the one you said is considered a black bear too is a Cinnamon, & yes it's a "black" bear, we have them in CO. at our house there.

  7. Hi there

    I must say that you have good guts to shoot these snaps, nice one


  8. Love your photos of the bears. My favorites of the wildlife.


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