Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Have not been posting for a while.  Have been sorting out my emotions.  It is much harder than I thought it would be.  It did not come as a surprise at all but I am still having more trouble sorting out how I feel than I ever expected.
Topping that off with all of the horrible happenings in Japan and I have a very heavy heart.
Maybe I need a little sunshine in my life, get out of the rain.  That might help:)


  1. hi evy. i cannot imagine how you feel and i know this takes time. my heart goes out to you. what i do know is what i've taught my two daughters. i basically have said to them, if either of you go the way of depression, i'll haunt you- knocking things over in your home with my ghostness. i'm guessing your mom would be sad if you were no longer smiling.


    you are in my prayers my friend.

  2. Having lost my Mr. Z 17 months ago, so suddenly, gives me a little insight into what you're going through after having lost your dear mother. I just saw your post down below because, from this post, I didn't know what you were grappling with so I scrolled down and was so sad to see that......
    I'm so sorry for your loss and could tell you 'time heals', etc.,etc., and it does, in a way, but platitudes don't cut it, THIS I have learned, that's for SURE.
    It's a price we pay when we've loved a mother or husband SO MUCH...but it is worth the price. God bless you and keep you and help you to sort out your emotions...then, just as you sort them out, you'll have feelings again that need sorting........
    the only platitude I'll leave you with is "it does get somewhat easier".

    I share Namaste's hugs and add you to my prayers, too. xxxZ

  3. Sending you ((HUGS)), Evy!! I can only imagine how you are feeling regarding your mom. I may come to you support when the time comes for my mom to go on to be with the Good Lord. I feel that it won't be long. ~ Yes. The tragedy in Japan is so very awful! I am having to MAKE myself turn the news off and watch (or listen) to something else. It's so sad. Take care, sweetie!

  4. Hang in there. It is such a blessing, don't you think, to have had such a wonderful mother that you miss her so? Remembering you in prayer.

  5. Yes, It's so much harder that you think.
    It's been a year and a half since my mom died and there are moments when I still have this incredible sadness that comes, without warning, and overwhelms me. It's better now but I still miss her terribly.
    Keep the good memories close and be kind to yourself.


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