Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blogging mood

Sorry I have not had that much to add to the mix lately.
On Monday, my precious mother suffered massive aneurysm. It affected her entire left front lobe.  As the nurse told me, it is where she lives.  It is all of her.  Today, the Doctor told my sister that we will probably have to make a decision by Sunday.  I spent all of this afternoon at the Funeral Home making the arrangements.  Almost $12,000.00 later, it is done. Fortunately, she and daddy purchased their plots about 43 years ago.
The sad thing is that I was about one hour from the hospital and my brother, who arrived ahead of me, did not know she had a directive on file.  He signed papers for treatment for her, which included surgery and now breathing for her.  I could have rescinded his signature since I am her POA, but at that point, I was afraid family would then accuse me of taking her life when maybe it could have been saved. It is very difficult when there are 10 very emotional siblings involved.  I try to make decisions that will please everyone, yet respect her.
In my private thoughts and prayers, I know that all of the decisions that have been made, God was in control of.
I will just wait for Him to manifest Himself through it.  Our family is diverse.  Believers and non-believers.
Catholic and non-Catholic.  My brother is a Priest who is in a cloistered order in New Jersey.  I am hoping he will be given permission to come home. He has asked, but has not been given an answer.
On the 21st of February, we were going to celebrate the 90th birthday of this amazing woman.  We will celebrate, maybe just without her.
By the way, my mother has in excess of 100 direct descendants. 12 Children, two who preceded her, grandchildren, great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.  When We All Get To Heaven, What a Day of Rejoicing That Will Be!!!
Love you Mama, and it does not matter how old a girl is, she still needs her mom.


  1. I absolutely know how you are feeling. Even grown middle-aged men miss their moms. I am very sad for your loss, but if your mother was a believer in Christ, then I can only rejoice for her. She's seeing the best that can ever be, while we are still serving our time here.

    God bless you and yours, gramma. You will be in my prayers and so will your family.

  2. evy, i'm so sorry to read about your mom. may God keep you encircled in His loving and gentle arms as you walk through this difficult time. i am praying for you and your family.

    don't forget to take care of you too.

    love, n/m

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My hubby and I have both signed POA's and Living Wills.

    I just posted a video with the song, "What A Day That Will Be." Maybe it will be a blessing to you.

  4. I am so sad for you Evy no matter how long we have our moms it is never long enough.
    I still miss my dear Mum after nearly 10 years, I think of things only she would know or things I would like to share with her.
    Prayers for you & your family & for the soul of this dear Proverbs 31 woman.

  5. I am so sorry to hear this. Most of us will always miss our parents!


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