Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Responds to His Firing From NPR

Remember people NPR IS funded by you. They proved with this act that they are in no way interested in any form of fair or balanced programing. NPR eats its own. Most likely he will be far better off free of them and their restrictions. I have to admit he makes me so angry that there are times I yell at the TV. I am waiting now to see how many Liberals will rally to his defense.


  1. Why are we all so surprised about this. Isn't this so typical of the left!

  2. I hope this signals the end of NPR with so many stations there is no need for a govt sponsored station especially one that espouses partisan beliefs that the majority of the tax payers whose money supports it despise the aforementioned beliefs!
    At the very least govt $$$ should no longer go into NPR coffers& I think that many who have voluntarily supported NPR will withdraw their support-then Soros will probably give them a billion or so,LOL


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