Monday, August 30, 2010

The Restoring Honor Rally

I missed getting Miss King's picture in the order of presentation. My computer does not allow me to move them once they have been entered. I do not want to erase everything and start over. All I can say, she is a very brave woman to stand up to the wrath of her family to be here on this day.
Jesse and I arrived at the Lincoln Memorial at 6:30 AM to this crowd. We learned people spent the night here. The park police would not allow anyone to sleep. You had to be sitting up and awake all of the time as camping on the grounds is not permitted.
Both of these shots were also taken at 6:30 AM

Jesse wanted a souvenir of the Rally so he purchased this flag. Not thinking that he could not take the pole with him on the plane.
One of these two gentlemen had fingernail clippers with them and was able to cut the zip ties that were holding the flag to the stick. They then took the time to fold it for Jesse. In return they took the pole to use as a walking stick.

Sarah Palin!! What a woman! Say what they want to say about her, she has it all! She spoke as the mother of a Combat Veteran. You remember, this was a Rally whose purpose was to Restore Honor to our Service men. I felt fortunate to be close enough to see without having to watch the entire rally on the big screen.
Jesse and his Gramma.
Glenn Beck. Before I left for this rally, I was seeing things being posted by Christians that we Christians should not attend because of Glen's religion. We should not be unequally yoked and we should not stand before our God with a Mormon. That God would not hear our prayers because Mormons are not true Christians. It is amazing to me how the enemy works to divide and conquer. I know that my God heard my prayer that day. I know he heard many prayers that day. I know that Glenn has a passion to save our country from sheer ruin and he is willing to put his life on the line to do so. He also has a passion for the wounded veterans. Like Sean Hannity he has taken on an organization that helps children of our fallen hero's attend college. There was a collection taken for the SWOF during the rally. I have not heard the official count of how much was given, but I guarantee it was much. We were able to text a number on our cell phone to donate.
There were over 200 men and women of the cloth who stood before us and pledged to fight for our country. They were dubbed the Black Robe Brigade.
1000, 87,000, just a couple of the numbers I picked up from the web. I think not. I would say we topped 700,000. There was not a hotel room available in the entire city. I heard of people sharing their rooms with strangers just so they would have a place to stay. I was contacted by someone asking if I would share with them, but since I had my grandson along, I did not feel it was prudent to do so.
Leaving the park after the rally. I stayed until the park had cleared because I have a difficult time walking and did not want to be jostled by the crowd.
The park after the crowds had cleared. It had not been cleaned by anyone yet. Contrast to anything left in former Liberal gatherings.
THANK YOU GLENN for an amazing uplifting day with people from across the nation who are of a like mind.


  1. Pretty amazing. I look forward to sitting and chatting with you about it over the holidays and hearing about it first hand.

  2. So amazing, Evy! And God heard everyone's prayers that day!

  3. as the daughter and aunt of service men and women I support you on this regardless of politics, like everything else, there are bad apples in every batch and many good people who deserve our support, so they do not become down hearted when the wrongdoers are found out.Where would we be without them, living under Hitler? war is messy,evil and bad but sometimes its better than the alternative

  4. I just got back from Oregon late last night! I'm glad you and Jesse had a good trip! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the trip the next time we get together.
    (Also, I've got a big bag of knitting yarn for you!).

  5. OHHH Sue, you know how to make a gramma happy!!
    Marion, you are so right. There is no one who thinks war is good, but when it happens, we do need to stand behind those who are on the front.
    Frizzy, I am looking forward to our "fireside" chat over the holiday also:)
    Leaving in the AM for home.

  6. I envy you, I would have loved to be there. So sad how the dark side has tried every manner of hate to discredit the rally, but I think in Nov. there will be a watershed moment! Or two or more,LOL.
    What a wonderful thing for GM & GS to do together.
    Wish I could hear your stories of your experience in person but perhaps you could spend a few days blogging about them?

  7. Great pictures! FYI when I want to move pictures I've already posted I click on "Edit html," and the photo codes have < a at the beginning and a > at the end. If I know which photo I want to move (usually somewhere in between is the name of the file, like img.203 or whatever name you've given it) I'll highlight it from < to > and just use cut and paste. Glad you got to go to the rally! I always say, even if you don't agree with Glenn Beck's Mormon beliefs, God can use anybody he wants to help spread His message, even a mormon. Blessings! :)

  8. Way to go Gramma! Thank you for being there!


  10. First, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog and for the follow.
    Second, I enjoyed your Restoring Honor Rally post. We were there, too, and it was a day I will always remember. Your grandson is lucky to have a Gramma who is teaching him right.
    You mentioned Sarah Palin in your post. I had the opportunity to meet her at a book signing and she shook my hand, asked my name and personally thanked me for coming. Even though there were over 900 people in the line, she made everyone feel special. She is a special lady.
    I've reciprocated and am now following your blog. I'll be back!


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