Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some lighthearted humor for the day

Obama was fishing off a small bridge, lost his footing and fell over into the water. (WAIT!!! There's more…)
Before the Secret Service could get down to rescue him, 3 boys who were fishing at the base of the bridge jumped in and saved him. Obama, grateful, offered each of the boys one "wish."
The first boy said, "I'd like to go to Disney World." O said, "I'll have you flown to Disney World on Air Force One and you'll go straight to the front of every line for rides."
The second boy said, "I'd like a pair of Air Jordans." "You'll not only get a pair of Air Jordans but I'll have Michael Jordan autograph a 2nd pair for you."
The third boy said, "I'd like a motorized wheelchair with a flat screen tv, a Playstation, a stereo, speakers and headphones on it." Obama said, "You can easily have that but why a wheelchair? You're not handicapped."
"I will be when my dad finds out I saved your @$$."


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