Thursday, February 18, 2010

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Press Room - Headline Archives

I found this through a "friend" posting on Face Book. It certainly needs to be read by everyone. Take the time to pass it on to your friends too. Very important. I can see where a person would fall for this one.


  1. I heard about this a while back it's an evil thing to frighten people into revealing personal data- I never give any info on the phone I am SO suspicious! I think the elderly would be very vulnerable to this too.

  2. Roslyn's'll be the elderly most affected, and that's terrible. Thankfully, though, there's a cut-off age for jury duty, at least there is in California, according to my mother, who's so happy they've stopped calling her in every two years!
    The bottom line is to never give this information to anybody over the phone....that's for sure. Thanks, Grammy, important reminder.

  3. The reason I posted this is that I could easily see me being sucked in by this scam and I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person.

  4. What next!! :-(
    There sure are some evil people in this world, eh?


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