Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Please take a moment and read the story below. We need your help and support to stand against the plan Obama has for Health Care Reform. Please contact your representatives today! Written by Dr. Dave JandaThursday, 23 July 2009As a physician who has authored books on preventative health care, I was given the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at a Congressional Dinner at The Capitol Building in Washington last Friday (7/17).The presentation was entitled Health Care Reform, The Power & Profit of Prevention, and I was gratified that it was well received.In preparation for the presentation, I read the latest version of "reform" as authored by The Obama Administration and supported by Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid. Here is the link to the 1,018 page document:http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdfLet me summarize just a few salient points of the above plan. First, however, it should be clear that the same warning notice must be placed on The ObamaCare Plan as on a pack of cigarettes: Consuming this product will be hazardous to your health.The underlying method of cutting costs throughout the plan is based on rationing and denying care. There is no focus on preventing health care need whatever. The plan's method is the most inhumane and unethical approach to cutting costs I can imagine as a physician.The rationing of care is implemented through The National Health Care Board, according to the plan. This illustrious Board "will approve or reject treatment for patients based on the cost per treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment."Translation.....if you are over 65 or have been recently diagnosed as having an advanced form of cardiac disease or aggressive cancer.....dream on if you think you will get treated.....pick out your coffin.Oh, you say this could never happen? Sorry.... this is the same model they use in Britain.The plan mandates that there will be little or no advanced treatments to be available in the future. It creates The Federal Coordinating Council For Comparative Effectiveness Research, the purpose of which is "to slow the development of new medications and technologies in order to reduce costs." Yes, this is to be the law.The plan also outlines that doctors and hospitals will be overseen and reviewed by The National Coordinator For Health Information and Technology.This " coordinator" will "monitor treatments being delivered to make sure doctors and hospitals are strictly following government guidelines that are deemed appropriate." It goes on to say....."Doctors and hospitals not adhering to guidelines will face penalties."According to those in Congress, penalties could include large six figure financial fines and possible imprisonment.So according to The ObamaCare Plan....if your doctor saves your life you might have to go to the prison to see your doctor for follow -up appointments. I believe this is the same model Stalin used in the former Soviet Union.Section 102 has the Orwellian title, "Protecting the Choice to Keep Current Coverage." What this section really mandates is that it is illegal to keep your private insurance if your status changes - e.g., if you lose or change your job, retire from your job and become a senior, graduate from college and get your first job. Yes, illegal.When Mr. Obama hosted a conference call with bloggers urging them to pressure Congress to pass his health plan as soon as possible, a blogger from Maine referenced an Investors Business Daily article that claimed Section 102 of the House health legislation would outlaw private insurance.He asked: "Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?" Mr. Obama replied: "You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about."Then there is Section 1233 of The ObamaCare Plan, devoted to "Advanced Care Planning." After each American turns 65 years of age they have to go to a mandated counseling program that is designed to end life sooner.This session is to occur every 5 years unless the person has developed a chronic illness then it must be done every year. The topics in this session will include, "how to decline hydration, nutrition and how to initiate hospice care." It is no wonder The Obama Administration does not like my emphasis on Prevention. For Mr. Obama, prevention is the "enemy" as people would live longer.I rest my case. The ObamaCare Plan is hazardous to the health of every American.After I finished my Capitol Hill presentation, I was asked by a Congressman in the question-answer session: "I'll be doing a number of network interviews on the Obama Health Care Plan. If I am asked what is the one word to describe the plan what should I answer."The answer is simple, honest, direct, analytical, sad but truthful. I told him that one word is FASCIST.Then I added, "I hope you'll have the courage to use that word, Congressman. No other word is more appropriate."Dr. Dave Janda, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon, and a world-recognized expert on the prevention of sports injuries, particularly in children. His website is www.noinjury.com.Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help!For more information on our services and Health Care Reform


  1. I write from the comfort of Britain, where my sister-in-law fell ill with cancer and was cared for superbly during her dying year, and never paid a penny for it. About the same time we were have collections in Britain to help to support a Christian in the U.S. whose family couldn't afford cancer treatment. I don't pretend to know the details of Obama's proposals - but I know which country I'd rather be ill in!

  2. hmmm...contemplating the comment above...

    anyway, i've been reading the actual bill, yes, all 1000+ pages of it. ridiculous, i know.

    i think it's hard to 'be careful' with our understanding of what all this means to us because the document by its very nature is muddled and confusing to the common reader...however, the wording in the area of the 5 year conferences is SUPPOSED to require that patients discuss things like living wills, end of life preferences, etc. Now, does this mean, like healthcare professionals today are supposed to 'counsel' pregnant women about ALL their options when discovering, for instance, that their unborn baby has a heart condition...and what most mommies-to-be remember is the horrific news that they can end the life of that baby, in spite of its ability to survive with surgeries...

    anyway, who is going to guarantee the QUALITY of the message in these counseling sessions and ensure that it doesn't become one of 'how to end your life early...' i dunno. by it's very nature, it is confusing. however, i don't believe it is in the best interest of the people of our country to leave medical practice to lawmakers who can't even figure out the Cash for Clunkers issues...only to add more $$$ when their current plan bankrupts. Gee. Whos' paying for that? Certainly not all the illegal immigrants they are now counting as part of our census...


  3. and finally, I would rather pay $$ out of my own pocket for QUALITY medical care than pay nothing for socialized care...I won't even consider the 'what ifs' ... England's own Daniel Hannon advises that we absolutely run from socialized medicine.

  4. The entire thing is legalese, they write it that way so they can weasel their way out with psycho babble when someone wants to know"exactly what do you mean by.........?" I don't trust anything I cannot understand & I certainly don't trust these people because I know they are only in it for their self- aggrandizement.
    Bama lied again today,[how do I know? His lips were moving.] He said that AARP [another self perpetuating organization] is supporting HR3200--immediately after his speech AARP went public saying they are NOT supporting HR3200[yet].LOL,pathetic.

  5. Don't say I didn't warn you.....

    that is my mantra, every time I come across another idiosyncransy of Obama which will only deterirate the whole point of what America fought for in 1778.... (it's late at night, I hope my year is accurate, if it's not, you all know what I mean.)

    Early on during voting season I found this website that allowed the visitor to test his/her values against each of the candidates.

    Obama came in at a dismal 24% to agreeing to my views. too bad most of America was swept away with the hype of a president with a dream instead of a president with concrete plans.

    Oh well, such is life, 1253 days of this craziness left............. let's make the best of it.

  6. I live just across the Canadian border on the USA side in a city that has the largest medical facility between Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA. Please tell me - if socialized medicine is so wonderful, then why are our medical facilities admitting Canadians in large numbers because they have to wait years to receive necessary medical care/surgeries? Obama's plan scares the "you know what" out of me and I want nothing to do with it.


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